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Duncan N. Darrow

Senior Counsel

DUNCAN N. DARROW is senior counsel in the New York office. His practice focuses on corporate control transactions, often as the target company is emerging from a debt restructuring.

Mr. Darrow’s clients include private equity groups, distressed debt funds and some state pension systems that are building large direct investment portfolios. In recent notable engagements, Mr. Darrow represented the new money investor and acquiror in deals for ATA Airlines, Huntsman Chemicals, US Airways and Air Canada. In those four transactions, taken together, over $20 billion of creditor claims were restructured. 

In addition, Mr. Darrow oversees a team of lawyers who regularly represent the managers of proprietary capital at several investment banks — particularly in their trading of bank loans in the secondary market. Some of these same traders often have tapped Mr. Darrow to also handle principal investments for them within the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America — both regions where Mr. Darrow spent considerable time during the past decade.

As part of his ongoing interest in international law and finance, Mr. Darrow has co-authored books on the protocols governing debt restructuring and foreign investment in four emerging market countries — Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea.

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