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Pro Bono Report 2009

This report reflects Sidley’s continued commitment to pro bono service at a time when the need is urgent. The lawyers and staff who devoted over 84,000 hours to pro bono projects in 2009 have played a vital role in the lives of individuals and organizations across the United States and throughout the world. Sidley’s efforts have improved the lives of thousands of people. Our pro bono services have ensured that our clients have remained housed, obtained critically-needed Supplemental Security Income and Veterans benefits, avoided removal to countries in which they would be tortured, and maintained custody of their children. Sidley’s efforts have improved the nation’s schools and housed and fed our communities. The skill and vigilance of Sidley’s lawyers and staff have provided the highest levels of representation to our clients in criminal cases at trial and on appeal, including in the federal courts of appeals and the United States Supreme Court, where we have successfully challenged unjust convictions and excessive sentences. While proud of our efforts in 2009, we know that the country faces significant economic and social problems in 2010, and Sidley is committed to meeting those challenges.