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Government Strategies

Leading organizations often turn to Sidley and our Government Strategies team for assistance with resolving the many government, policy and political challenges inherent in conducting business on a fast-changing global landscape. Our team, which is closely integrated with the firm’s other practices, helps clients with a wide array of policy needs, relating to the life sciences / healthcare, technology, telecommunicationsenergy and the environmentalfinancial services and trade industries.

Our services, which leverage our substantial subject matter knowledge, as well as our long experience in the formation of law and public policy include but also extend well beyond those of traditional law firms or lobbying firms. Sidley possesses the best tools of both worlds to advance our clients’ objectives: the substantive and traditional legal counseling and advocacy of an elite law firm and the elite lobby firm’s ability to navigate the political and procedural landscape in which policy is made. Our unique insider’s perspective, informed by former service across Congress and government agencies, enables us to implement strategies that serve our client’s business interests. This work encompasses:

Legislative — We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ positions are well understood by the key members of Congress who will have a major role in deciding the fate of any bill that may affect their businesses. To that end, we monitor issues and lobby on our clients’ behalf; include them in relevant existing coalitions that address their particular issues or help them create a coalition of stakeholders with common interests to advocate on the matters at hand.

Congressional Investigations — We advise clients, together with Sidley’s White Collar team, on how to respond effectively to congressional inquiries; prepare and represent witnesses in connection with congressional testimony; interact with an investigating committee, and help clients manage the legal, policy, political or public relations considerations.

Regulatory Policy — Our experience in and institutional knowledge of the federal agencies enables our team to intervene on behalf of our clients at the agency policymaker level. We bring to the attention of agency administrators suggestions for outcomes that simultaneously meet the regulatory needs of the agency and the business goals of our clients. Our approach may involve coordination with members of Congress who we will urge to contact the agency or with other private sector stakeholders with whom we share common concerns.

Crisis Management — Many of the members of our team have experience in crisis management from roles in the government or assisting clients with litigation or investigations. This prior experience informs our ability to provide a comprehensive perspective on crisis management. Our group has helped many high-profile organizations handle investigations while managing potential reputational damage, information flow and media coverage. We provide swift and informed emergency action when there is potential for an issue to spiral.

Issue Monitoring/Due Diligence — We vigilantly monitor developments in relevant areas of legislative and regulatory policy and ensure that our clients are aware of policy changes as they occur and the trends in thinking among policy makers that precede policy changes.

Our team

The Government Strategies group is comprised of professionals who are intimately familiar with how policy is made, based on experience in senior-level positions in the Executive Branch, in the Congress, in regulatory and administrative agencies, and in private industry. Team members include a 14-term U.S. congressman (who served for more than 25 years on the U.S. House of Representatives Committees on Energy & Commerce and the Judiciary), a former Acting U.S. Attorney General, former general counsels for EPA, OMB and the Department of Agriculture, and two former Counselors to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), among others who have filled high-profile posts. A number of our lawyers have had major roles in the drafting, enactment and regulatory implementation of landmark laws. This rare mix of leadership translates to an unusual level of the value for our clients.