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ATEC Biodigesters

Country Australia, Cambodia
Beneficiaries                  farmers, low-income communities
Project Description

ATEC produces, sells and distributes the world's first commercial biodigester that can be installed in any environment. Designed for last-mile farmers, each system converts animal, green and kitchen waste into biogas and 20 tons of organic fertilizer for crops per year. All free, carbon positive, and sustainable. The ATEC package includes an ATEC biodigester, twin cook stove, biogas rice cooker installation, delivery, user training and after-sales-service program.

By having a biodigester, an average Cambodian family will save $521 per year. The other key benefits of ATEC’s biodigesters include: free gas for all cooking needs, modern kitchen, no smoke or dirty pots. Biodigesters can be easily moved when and where required, and are flood resistant. ATEC's goal is to expand to five countries and reach 1 million systems by 2030 - making a significant impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Scope of Legal Assistance Provision of legal advice to (i) advise on the company corporate structure for international expansion; (ii) review the structure of an existing special case loan with Nexus for Development for carbon financing; (iii) draft and/or review contracts with international suppliers; (iv) advise on structuring a new debt facility for pay-as-you-go.