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Bidhaa Sasa UK ltd

Countries Kenya/East Africa
Beneficiaries              Women/Local communities
Project Description 

Bidhaa Sasa is a last-mile distribution and finance company that serves rural women in Kenya by making a range of life-improving goods more affordable and accessible. They supply life-improving products using direct selling techniques – by women for women – and offers consumer financing to the under-served and unbanked making all products payable in affordable instalments through convenient mobile money payments. Their range of products include includes solar lamps, systems and radios, efficient cookstoves, LPG cylinders and cooking accessories, as well as water tanks and agricultural tools. Most of their clients are women who do not have bank accounts, collateral, or credit histories, and are farmers which makes depending on the agricultural cycles. The company has delivered 60,000 products in rural Kenya to c. 50,000 clients all of which are rural and of which 70% are women. More info at:

Legal Assistance Sidley lawyers will advise Bidhaa Sasa with projects regarding corporate structure.