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Built Accounting Services Ltd

Country  Ghana
Beneficiaries                      Small and Medium Sized Enterprises across Africa 
Project Description 

Though small and medium enterprises (SMEs) cover a large part of Africa's economy, they have the highest failure rate often due to lack of opportunities. Built Accounting Services is building the digital infrastructure SMEs need to launch, run and grow their businesses in Africa. Built introduced a financial bookkeeping application to help SMEs keep proper financial records and build robust financial profiles for better decision-making. Built pairs clients with professional accountants and a great custom software, which enables small businesses to demonstrate their credit worthiness to formal lenders. Built's goal is to create the digital infrastructure for SMEs and to democratize prosperity on a massive scale.

Built has worked with over 500 enterprises across Ghana, helping to build healthy financial profiles that allow them to better understand their business. Most of these businesses have gone on to raise funds from local banks and investors. To date, Built has mobilized over US$480,000 in credit, generating US$2.5 million in incremental revenue and creating over 500 jobs. To learn more, visit:

Scope of Legal Assistance  i. Legal advice related to company structure;
ii. Establish and draft an Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP);
iii. Draft/develop terms of use/privacy policy for web platform and;
iv. Draft/review a template loan contract between Built and small business owners who receive microcredits/cash advances.