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Country  South Africa
Beneficiaries                      Women, rural communities
Project Description 

ButtaNutt handcrafts a series of authentic tree nut butters using natural, local and organic ingredients. The spreads are simple, no compromise, and totally delicious. Clean and wholesome foods can be fun, refreshing and full of zeal, and these are the product ethos they strive for. ButtaNutt sells locally, and has also exported its first five pallets in the last six months to Mauritius and Singapore.

ButtaNutt is committed to real community impact, through broad employment of production staff. As a principle, if ButtaNutt can achieve efficiencies with labour versus mechanization, the preference will be employment. The majority of labour currently is female, with ButtaNutt paying 11 Woman a wage, 11 of 14 total, as of January 2018. These woman come from underprivileged communities and their wage will sustain an entire household, in most instances. ButtaNutt is committed to upskilling the workforce through training courses and onsite education. The factory is situated in the rural town of Paarl, 30 minutes outside of the city of Cape Town. The main economic driver is agriculture and food processing.

ButtaNutt has a procurement policy of exclusively South African nut producers. They believe this will further encourage job creation within South Africa. There are currently 14 employees at ButtaNutt.

There is strategic focus to export to Europe within the next 18 months.

Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley lawyers will review international distribution agreements.