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Country  Rwanda and Democratic Republic of the Congo
Beneficiaries                      Informal drivers, female drivers, urban residents
Project Description 

CanGo, formerly SafeMotos, is a Rwanda-based platform for African Motorcycle taxi services founded by Barrett Nash (Canada) and Peter Kariuki (Kenya). Since its launch in 2015, CanGo has conducted more than 600,000 trips across Kigali, Rwanda and Kinshasa, DRC, and has become a leader in African consumer user experience. CanGo consolidates informal sector drivers and channels them through a single platform, then uses telematics data to measure driver safety in real time. This process helps incentivize higher levels of service for informal drivers. 

CanGo has successfully monetized 10 percent of total trips, with more than 50 percent of trips paid via mobile money and other cashless functionality. 

Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley is providing legal assistance on documentation regarding the purchase of shares in CanGo and is helping to draft and review shareholders agreements for existing and new shareholders.