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Caribbean Sea and Air Marketing (CSAM)

Country  Trinidad and Tobago
Beneficiaries                      Smallholder farmers and their families
Project Description  CSAM is a farm in Trinidad and Tobago that produces all natural, non-GMO, and organic Moruga Hill Rice (MHR) intercropped with various fruits, vegetables, and Animal Feeds. MHR is a nutritious dryland rice that grows on the hillsides of Moruga. It has been traditionally farmed by hand, which has kept production on a relatively small scale. As MHR is a dry-land rice that grows under various soil conditions, it may hold a valuable key to addressing global warming and related challenges, most notably global food sustainability issues.

CSAM encourages other MHR farmers to expand their own production by offering its equipment for rent, along with CSAM Consultation services for the production of eco-friendly MHR of the highest yields and nutritional value possible. CSAM’s aim is to bring this nutty-flavored, nutritious wild rice to the world both locally and through an export campaign slated to begin mid to late 2020.

The main beneficiaries of CSAM are farmers from the region of rural Moruga Ward of Naparima in the Southern District of Trinidad. CSAM has been actively working to share the financial and health viability of MHR as well as the means of mechanizing and expanding production and distribution to maximize MHR’s appeal, and to standardize production metrics, thereby reducing farming risk. The company has also extended its knowledge to all farmers and initiated a Cooperative. CSAM hosts tours of Vista Dorado Estates, provides talks to secondary schools, and is developing an App and training module to encourage the youth to choose MHR farming as a viable career option and a healthy lifestyle choice.
Scope of Legal Assistance  Provision of legal assistance with general guidance on intellectual property and intellectual property needs assessment