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Climate Edge Limited


Countries Based in UK, operating in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean (Kenya and Colombia)
Beneficiaries                      Smallholder farmers, environment
Project Description 

Climate Edge is creating the world’s first digital marketplace connecting smallholder farmers in Africa to the agricultural services they need. Agricultural services, ranging from simple farm management advice, to complex products such as access to loans or insurance, on average increase smallholder profitability by 86%; however, only 10% of smallholder farmers have access to even a single service. Climate Edge's mission is to vastly increase the number of farmers who have access to such services, and to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers across the globe.

Climate Edge is achieving this by tackling the root of the problem: delivering services to smallholder farmers is expensive and expected returns are low. Climate Edge is developing a digital marketplace that facilitates the delivery of 3rd party services to our independent network of farmers. By acting solely as the service facilitator, we are able to spread our costs across all the services and farmers on our platform. This can reduce the cost of delivery from £130 per farmer, to just £2 per farmer, making service business models viable in this market.

Climate Edge has a network of over 33,000 farmers in their cooperative network across Kenya and Colombia, and have over 450 smallholder farmers subscribed to their SMS service app-store who are actively receiving services directly to their phone. More info at:

Scope of Legal Assistance  Draft/review template contracts with partners/suppliers/clients; ii. drafting a master policy contract; and iii. provide buyer/seller contract templates.