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Costa Rica Insect Company (CRIC)

Country Costa Rica
Beneficiaries                  Environment, Local Communities
Project Description

As food scarcity becomes a valid concern for future generations, Costa Rica Insect Company (CRIC) wants the world to start considering insects as healthy alternatives. CRIC has the purpose of creating insect-based products as an alternate solution for food scarcity as well as providing a high-quality nutritional and healthy solution for malnutrition. The environmental benefit of using insects as a source of food has been proven to be not only the option that benefits the most but also the only option that is scalable and sustainable for the future. CRIC partners with women and families in rural and urban areas of Costa Rica who work as insect farmers. CRIC is also planning to launch a job program with local farmers to have a better socioeconomic impact while also scaling production.

Scope of Legal Assistance

i) advice and review of terms of agreement for equity and debt financing with investors;

ii) assistance with and legal advice on venture capital funding;

iii) advice on data privacy protection and general other IP matters; and

iv) provision of market access advice for exports of insect-based products for human consumption.