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Country  Kenya, South Sudan 
Beneficiaries                      Small-scale contract growers and agro-dealers 
Project Description  Dryland Seed Limited produces and sells crop seeds adapted to dry land conditions. The enterprise specializes in the production, processing and dissemination of drought-tolerant seed crop varieties. Seeds are distributed through agro-dealers to give access to farmers in low and medium altitude areas of Africa. 

Dryland Seed Limited is committed to providing suitable quality seed and service to farmers. The seeds that are sold include four varieties of maize, three varieties of beans, two varieties of cowpeas, two varieties of pigeon peas, three varieties of sorghum and one variety of green grams. The seeds are developed in cooperation with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) through a public-private partnership licensing agreement. All seeds are certified by the Kenya Plant Health Inspection Service (KEPHIS). 
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley provided legal assistance with reviewing contracts with seed growers and agro-dealers.