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 Global Shea Alliance

Country  Ghana 
Beneficiaries                  4,000,000 women Shea nut farmers in West Africa. Expanding market access should help increase demand, prices, production and incomes for these farmers. 
Project Description  The Global Shea Alliance is a multi-stakeholder association promoting quality and sustainability in the Shea industry. 95% of Shea is produced for use in food, particularly in chocolate. Although Shea butter is an allowed substitute for cocoa butter in chocolate in the EU, U.S. standards are more restrictive and do not allow the substitution of cocoa butter by Shea butter. 
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley is advising on licensing the Global Shea Alliance seal/women’s empowerment seal and is working on the regulations to allow Shea to be an alternative fat in chocolate and therefore greatly expand the market for Shea.