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International Lifeline Fund

Countries Uganda, Haiti, Burundi, Kenya, Sudan
Beneficiaries                  Refugees, Marginalised Communities
Project Description 

The International Lifeline Fund seeks to improve the quality of life in refugee settings and emerging markets by expanding access to clean water and energy solutions. Lifeline operates under the conviction that if given affordable access to cost-effective products and services that meet their basic clean water and energy needs, impoverished communities can begin to lift themselves out of the dire circumstances in which they live.

Over the past 15 years, Lifeline has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals secure sustainable access to safe drinking water through the construction of fresh-water wells and has set up a quasi-utility service (“Everflow”), which is enabling them to ensure the continuous and long-term functionality of their water infrastructure at a price they can afford.

Likewise, Lifeline has orchestrated the development and incubation of social business enterprises, which have profoundly improved the health and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of others by providing them with access to affordable and highly efficient cook-stoves.

Legal Needs Sidley is providing legal assistance with defining Lifeline’s relationship with a social enterprise subsidiary.