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Jua Technologies International LLC

Regions Africa, Asia and the Americas
Beneficiaries              Small and medium farmholders and agro-processors 
Project Description  Jua Technologies International LLC is an early start-up for-profit company, whose mission is to reduce post-harvest losses and optimize energy use in agriculture through developing affordable and innovative renewable energy technologies. The company has developed a low-cost solar drying unit to small and medium farmholders and agro-processors in Africa, Asia and the Americas and have exclusive license for this technology. The solar dryer unit is powered by 100 W photovoltaic cell that charges a 12 V deep cycle battery, which powers 10 fans that circulate air in the drying chamber. PV cells are independent of grid power. The equipment is a one unit but has multiple drying applications, such as dehydration of fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers, processed cereals and grains. Also, aside from being used for drying and preserving fruits and other crops, it can be used for powering homes, powering or charging small devices like cell phones, laptops, TV and radio, etc., which is very essential in rural environments without electricity.
Legal Scope Sidley is providing assistance with drafting and reviewing terms of contract in MOU for partners; and trademark registration.