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Kokoa Kamili

Country Tanzania
Beneficiaries                  Smallholder farmers, local communities
Project Description

Kokoa Kamili is a premium processor of raw organic Tanzanian cocoa beans into high quality beans for export to fine flavour and bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers worldwide. They purchase beans direct from smallholder farmers, paying a premium to ensure farmers receive fair prices and are rewarded for their commitment to Kokoa Kamili's quality standards. Once purchased, they process the beans using a combination of international best practices and their own proprietary methods. The result is the best tasting cocoa bean in East Africa, and a sustainable company that increases farmer incomes.

Kokoa Kamili is based in a very rural, remote part of Tanzania. Over the last year they employed around 40 people on staff, with an even gender balance. All but two of their staff are hired from the community that they are based in, and for most of them this is the first experience with formal employment. Kokoa Kamili have 4,000 registered smallholder farmers that work with them. Cocoa farmers receive higher prices from Kokoa Kamili than from any other company that buys cocoa in Tanzania. Moreover, the company provides to farmers ancillary services like cocoa agronomy training, pre-financing and improved seedlings. Finally, Kokoa Kamili have a strong commitment to environmental protection. Their facility runs on solar power, and they raise shade trees to help farmers plant more ecologically diverse cropping systems.

Scope of Legal Assistance Provision of legal advice on: (i) company structure; (ii) drafting/reviewing shareholders agreements for existing/new shareholders; (iii) trademark registration process; (iv) company tax structure.