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Country  Senegal
Beneficiaries              The financially excluded (predominantly women) living on less than $5/day
Project Description  MaTontine offers financial services to the financially excluded (there are 85% of financially excluded in Francophone Africa alone – 100 million people – and the demand is very high). MaTontine does this by digitizing an existing, traditional, peer-to-peer savings system with millions of users called Tontines in Francophone Africa in order to provide services like loans & related services like micro-medical insurance. Current membership: 95 % of women from 475 members. 75% of women are rural. Videos:;
Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley is providing assistance on company’s legal structure and restructuring options; legal advice regarding shareholder and investor agreements; legal advice regarding financial services regulation generally, and regarding such regulation within the West African Economic and Monetary Union; legal assistance concerning intellectual property protection.