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Country  South Africa
Beneficiaries                      Urban commuters in Africa, students, small business owners.
Project Description 

Mellowcabs manufactures light electric vehicles that provide low cost, efficient and emission-free taxi and transport services in cities. These services can be provided through various mobile applications, seamlessly connecting commuters, goods and Mellowcab vehicles. Capable in terms of acceleration, range and speed, with leading safety features. The passenger section of the vehicle can be replaced with a cargo section, making the Mellowcab a versatile delivery vehicle. Their business model is two-folded:

1) The passenger models: Mellowcabs retains ownership of the vehicle; revenue stream through commission on fares and deliveries (direct model) or rental/leasing of the vehicles to third party (indirect model). They have additional revenue stream through advertising space.

2) The cargo models: they retain ownership of the vehicle and lease it to clients

Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley is assisting with advising (i) on appropriate legal means to restructure the company; (ii) regarding licensing IP to manufacturing partners, (iii) on setting up employee share incentive schemes, and (iv) on appropriate legal procedures for replacing individual shareholders with trusts.