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Country   Kenya
Beneficiaries                   Widows, local communities 
Project Description    In much of Africa, marriage is the primary basis for women’s access to social and economic rights, and these are lost upon widowhood. Widows want freedom from poverty and all forms of social, cultural, sexual and economic exploitation. They want to develop personally and grow economically. They want changes in the cultural norms and the practices that hinder their ability to live out their full potential. Since 2017, Nyanam International equips widows with knowledge, skills and resources to lead positive social transformation in their communities, reclaiming their inherent dignity, agency and freedom. They currently serve 125 widows in Kisumu and Siaya counties in Kenya and are planning to expand their services. More info at:
Scope of Legal Assistance    Sidley lawyers will work with Nyanam on a variety of projects, including drafting/ reviewing partnership agreements and contracts, and providing assistance in securing registration as 501(c) (3) in the US.