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Pariti, Inc.

Countries  Global
Beneficiaries              Startups, Local Entrepreneurs
Project Description 

Pariti is a Nairobi-based startup that is building the operating system for venture building and investing in emerging markets. Pariti's platform is designed to support startup ecosystems in emerging markets by bringing startups, capital, and global experts together in one place to accelerate the growth of emerging market startup ecosystems. Pariti provides advisory and consulting services to startups in emerging markets, helping them do things like raise capital and enter new markets by leveraging a distributed network of talent. Pariti helps startups with accessing the talent and capital they need to grow that are typically inaccessible in emerging markets. Pariti's focused on Africa but will be expanding to other emerging markets in 2021 starting with Latin America and India.

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Legal Scope Sidley is supporting Pariti with a variety of projects, including: advice on privacy policy and terms & conditions protection; ii) intellectual property advice in connection to building a new tech product; and iii) advice on company structuring.