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Pomona Impact LLC

Country  Guatemala
Beneficiaries              Smallholder farmers, women, rural populations 
Project Description  Pomona Impact LLC invests in early growth businesses in Central America that have a strong social mission and are for-profit. Initially founded in May 2011, Pomona has made 21 impact investments in 19 companies and is actively working to expand its investment activity by raising a US$30m Pomona Impact Fund II. The Fund will be the most active impact fund in the region and play a key role in addressing the gap of available financing (often referred to as the « missing middle ») of early stage companies. The Pomona Impact Fund II will invest in Central America, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. The upcoming US$30m Pomona Impact Fund II and the current US$2m Pomona Impact Fund I benefit smallholder farmers, women, rural populations and more in the following ways: (i) directly, the fund will be financing scalable agricultural and artisanal companies to help them scale which in turn drives job creation, improved income generation and improved health standards; (ii) indirectly, it will also invest in companies that are generating solutions to address social and environmental challenges.
Legal Assistance Sidley will assist Pomona Impact with the (i) set up the Fund Manager legal entity; (ii) review of the term sheets and investment documents for Pomona’s royalty agreement, known as the Revenue Based Financing.