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Portable Power Technology

Country  West Africa
Beneficiaries              Rural communities in West Africa 
Project Description  Portable Power Technology (PPT) is a UK based company with a strong sense of social responsibility. The company provides light and energy solutions for people who are on the move or who otherwise do not have access to a grid for their power supply. Some of PPT's products have been designed and specified by PPT's managing director, Paul Mercer. And many are capable of being charged or recharged via solar panels. With this backdrop, PPT has been trying to build a market for its products in territories with access to lots of sun but not to a grid. It's generator-like power packs have been supplied to a number of rural, remote communities and schools in West Africa, particularly in Ghana. Consideration is now being given to identifying corporations with strong links to West Africa who might be interested in buying and donating these power packs to those most in need. Please see more here:
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