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Countries Sub-Sahara Africa (currently Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania)
Beneficiaries                  Rural and underserved communities
Project Description

PowerGen aims to connect 500m people to electricity in Africa who currently do not have access to energy while building the energy system of the future in Africa with renewable and smart grid technology. To achieve this goal, PowerGen builds solar-powered smart grids in rural areas far away from the national grid. These mini-grids can remain independent, or eventually be connected to the main grid, effectively building the smart grid of the future from the grid edge inwards.

PowerGen started in 2010 as a small solar project installer. They have now built over 100 mini-grids in Kenya and Tanzania, becoming one of the leading pioneers for private utilities and mini-grids in the region. The company currently manages more than 10,000 households (over 50,000 people) and has signed contracts to connect 20,000 additional households before the end of 2020. Their long term goal is to become a Pan-African Utility managing millions of African households and realize its mission to transform lives through smarter power.

Access to 24/7 AC Power can truly transform lives. PowerGen’s customers are people who do not have access to electricity, and therefore tend to be among the lowest income people in the world. By providing access to affordable, renewable energy on a pay-as-you-go basis in these areas, they are enabling improved quality of life through lighting, phone charging, TVs, radios and other household appliances. They are also enabling economic development through productive use of power such as with welding machines, posho mills, pumps, blow dryers, and refrigerators.

Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley lawyers will assist with (i) reviewing and establishing project finance deals and structures; (ii) reviewing operating contracts between AssetCos and OpCos; (iii) advice regarding structuring the most efficient Pan-Africa project finance facility.