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 Project Alba

Country  Cambodia 
Beneficiaries                  Small scale farmers 
Project Description  Project Alba is a social enterprise in Cambodia, created on the premise that small-scale farmers lack financial resources, technical skills and the ability to access markets. The objective of Project Alba is therefore to sustainably improve small farmers’ production by providing free technical advice, inputs and tools to rural farmers who, in turn, guarantee that they will sell their rice and vegetables exclusively to Project Alba. The produce is then sold to local wholesalers in the larger cities. At the end of the pilot stage (which comprised 20 farmers), farmers’ revenues had increased by USD 70-100 annually. Their plan is to increase to 50 farmers by early 2015. See more about Project Alba on YouTube:  
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley will assist in reviewing investment agreements, contracts with farmers for enforceability and international trade (long-term goal): exporting to the EU and sourcing from Singapore.