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Country  Kenya 
Beneficiaries                  Pastoralists, farmers and livestock-keeping households 
Project Description  Sidai Africa is a social enterprise operating in the livestock sector in Kenya. Sidai Africa's aim is to revolutionize the way that livestock and veterinary services are offered in Kenya, creating a more sustainable model of livestock service delivery.

By 2015, Sidai Africa intends to have established a network of at least 150 franchised and branded Livestock Service Centers in Kenya. Each franchise will provide quality animal husbandry and health goods and services to farmers and pastoralists.

All Sidai centers will be owned and run by qualified veterinarians, livestock technicians and other livestock professionals. Quality standards will be overseen by Sidai to ensure that customers are confident that they are buying quality products and that they will also experience the highest standards of professional service.

Over time new products (vaccines and feeds) and new services (diagnostic tests, financial services and livestock insurance) will be introduced. 
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley has provided legal assistance in the negotiation of contracts for the manufacture of Sidai-branded pharmaceuticals and feed supplements with a manufacturer in Kenya.