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Sou Sou

Country  Tanzania
Beneficiaries              Women/Entrepreneurs
Project Description  Sou Sou is a fintech social enterprise based in Washington, D.C. and Tanzania. The company seeks to revolutionize the way that underserved women and millennial entrepreneurs save money and invest in East Africa through peer-peer (P2P) investment. Sou Sou allows members to share money, barter, join savings clubs, apply for affordable business and housing loans or lend to peers , and invest to fuel their businesses via Sou Sou’s digital lending marketplace. Sou Sou’s goal is to provide alternative financing solutions for startups and early-stage companies that create jobs and opportunity for disadvantaged communities. They currently engage about 200 women in East Africa and looking to engage more in the next five years, empowering them to establish a strong financial foundation to build their future and support their families.
Legal Scope Sidley is providing assistance with reviewing and advising on a Memo of Understanding with a U.S. firm; drafting User Agreements for new members; and advising on term sheets for borro.