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Southline Coast Inc.

Ghana, United States

Energy, Manufacturing

Project Description:
Nearly 600,000 people in Sub-Sahara Africa (over 28,000 in Ghana) die annually and millions more suffer from chronic illnesses caused by air pollution from inefficient and dangerous traditional cooking fuels and stoves. Conversely, cooking with clean alcohol fuels like ethanol and methanol has a major impact on health and the environment through significant emission and particulate reduction. Southline Group Inc. was established as an agriculture and bioenergy venture. Southline seeks to build robust supply chains for large scale cassava processing into food and ethanol fuel and create a thriving market for clean cooking solutions by driving consumer demand for cleaner stoves and ethanol fuel to serve the Ghana and West Africa markets. More info:

Scope of Legal Assistance:
Sidley lawyers are providing legal advice on company structure, reviewing corporate by-laws and stock ownership plan, drafting, reviewing and advising with investment agreements and on restructuring the Ghana entity into further entities for their businesses in Ghana.