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Standard Microgrid, Inc.


Country Zambia, Africa, U.S.
Beneficiaries                  Local communities, environment
Project Description

Standard Microgrid have developed an innovative approach to providing distributed renewable energy services in Zambia: a 12kW micro power utility that integrates proprietary grid management tools with solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and batteries, to provide clean, reliable energy to approximately 150 customers (including households, small businesses, rural schools and clinics).

Standard Microgrid’s solution simplifies and automates the otherwise complex construction and operation of a solar PV micro-grid. The Standard Microgrid Smart Switch enables remote demand-side control of the grid which when used in conjunction with the Microgrid Manager Mobile App, provides the ability to sell prepaid energy services, report energy use and misuse and maximize utilization of the unit’s generation capacity.

Standard Microgrid has several projects across Africa, such as the electrification of Magurameno Village in the Lower Zambezi region. As part of the project, Empowered By Light connected the local primary school and is providing free energy for lighting and computers. At Sioma High School in the Western Province of Zambia, Standard Microgrid assessed, designed, procured and constructed a 24kW solar PV / Battery / diesel battery system. The system powers the classrooms, administrative buildings, dormitories, head teacher's home and local police station at the 900 student boarding school. More info at:

Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley is working with Standard Microgrid on a variety of matters including reviewing contracts with partners, advice on corporate structure, and creating an IP licensing agreement.