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Country  Uganda and Zambia
Beneficiaries              Women
Project Description  Founded in 2013, StrongMinds treats depression in African women. Roughly one in four women in Africa suffers from depression. Depression takes away a woman's ability to take advantage of opportunities to improve life for herself and her children, including health interventions and job skills training. StrongMinds aims to treat two million depressed women in Africa by 2025 using its proven group talk therapy model. These therapy groups helps women gain the necessary emotional skills to go through life with a positive and hopeful outlook. StrongMinds is the only organization working to address the mental health crisis in Africa at scale. Their approach is working. They treated 514 patients in 2014, 1,298 patients in 2016, 7,999 patients in 2017 and 36,859 in 2018. 75 percent of those women remain depression-free at follow-up visits. When a woman recovers from depression, she can resume taking care of herself, her family and being a productive member of her community. The organization has been working in Uganda for five years, and has just expanded into Zambia. 
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley lawyers will assist with structuring employees compensation and benefits structure.