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SunCulture Kenya Limited

Country  Kenya
Beneficiaries                  Smallholder farmers, women, rural populations
Project Description SunCulture is a technology company that makes smallholder farming households more productive in an affordable and environmentally friendly way by selling them affordable solar powered water pumps and customized irrigation systems bundled with ongoing support and financing. SunCulture was the first company to commercialize solar-powered irrigation in Africa and is the only company in Africa that provides a turnkey solar irrigation solution to farmers. Combining the energy efficiency of solar power coupled with sprinkler, mist or drip irrigation results in the best solution for farmers, at a cost they can afford. SunCulture provides smallholder farmers with the capital, knowledge and technology necessary to address poverty and hunger by increasing yields in an environmentally sustainable manner. Their AgroSolar Irrigation system makes it cheaper and easier for farmers to grow higher quality crops and increase their yields by 300% or more. SunCulture gives smallholder farmers the opportunity to increase their income by up to 10 times, improve food security and health for them, their families and their communities and a chance to invest into education due to increased income and reduced labor requirements. Their products are designed for farmers needs and costs are driven down over time and through innovative approaches. Thus, they were able to decrease the price of their product by 90% over the last 5 years. Their customers are not just men but also women, and their day to day life is positively influenced as they have the ability to get a part time job due to reduced labour intensity on the farm.
Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley lawyers will assist with i. draft and/or review a template of Pay as you Go contracts; ii. review a template of employment contracts; iii. review contracts with service providers to include anti-corruption clauses; iv. draft non-disclosure agreements (mutual and one-way).