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Tchakka Origins


Country  Ethiopia
Project  Description  

Tchakka Origins is a vertically integrated natural ingredients company that uses an agroforestry model to source and process specialty natural ingredients from Ethiopia’s indigenous plants in biodiverse areas, for use in personal care and wellness. Promoting a plant-based lifestyle is a core part of Tchakka Origins’ work, their products include essential oils, fatty oils, hydrosols, herbal teas and other natural ingredients that are high in function and rich in nutrients. In line with their core value of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, they merge the biodiversity of indigenous plant species with the intricacies of forest ecosystems, and provide equitable opportunities for smallholder farming communities.

Tchakka Origins has an end-to-end value chain approach in order to ensure sustainable and equitable business practices across their supply chain. Their business model seeks to address social and environmental issues by working in biodiverse areas, applying best practices in agroforestry, and partnering directly with partner farmer communities. They partner with rural smallholder farming communities, with a particular focus on women farmers, and have equitable contract farming arrangements, which provides more stability, better assurance, and better pricing. Tchakka Origins also ensures that their partner farmers use exclusively organic farming methods. Tchakka Origins sustainably sources indigenous plants from the Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot in Ethiopia, staring in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve and Greater Bale. This helps slow the rate of deforestation and destruction of important ecosystems.

Legal Needs  Tchakka Origins has requested advice on commercial contracts and advice on compliance regulatory requirements for exports of natural ingredients for use in personal care, wellness, herbal teas, and spices.