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The Women's Bakery

Country  Rwanda
Beneficiaries              Rural and urban women
Project Description  The Women's Bakery (TWB) is an education-centric social enterprise committed to empowering women and developing women-owned businesses. The company works with rural and urban women in East Africa interested in business and employment, but who lack access to formal opportunities. TWB provides vocational business education to these women by equipping them with the skills necessary to launch and profitably manage nutrition-centric bakeries. Sourcing locally, the women are able to produce and sell nutritious, affordable breads in their communities - meeting local demand with local supply. In addition, women's groups have ongoing access to microloans, specialty recipes, branding, oven and bakery-building designs (and construction), and operational support. Through education, The Women’s Bakery imparts irrevocable skills – skills that are capacity building and income generating – that’s real empowerment. Please see more:
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