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Chile, Argentina, United States, EU

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Project Description:
UNIBAIO, is a Chilean research oriented startup that developed a biodegradable ingredient which optimizes the delivery of agrochemicals to lower their application doses and toxicity levels. UNIBAIO's particles can be used by pesticides companies to modify their formulations to:

1) be approved by the strictest environmental regulations without replacing the chemicals being used by farmers,

2) reduce manual operation, lowering farmer's application costs, and

3) improve yield and competitiveness.

The particles can be used in any kind of pesticide and fertilizers, from the traditional chemical ones to the bio/organic ones. Nanocarriers are made of natural compounds like shrimp waste and clay using a circular model. More info at:

Scope of Legal Assistance:
Sidley lawyers are assisting UNIBAIO by drafting, reviewing and providing advice on regulatory compliance with United States and EU on regulations for their agrochemical products.