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Convention Against Torture Initiative (CTI)

In March 2014, the governments of Chile, Denmark, Ghana, Indonesia, and Morocco marked the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention against Torture (UNCAT) by launching a ten-year global initiative for the universal ratification and implementation of the Convention called the Convention Against Torture Initiative (CTI). In 2019, Fiji joined as part of the core-group behind the initiative.

The CTI core principle is that of States helping States. It operates on the basis that no State has a perfect record when it comes to the implementation of the Convention against torture. Instead, CTI offers support to States to ratify and implement the Convention as successfully as they can. The vision of the CTI is that by 2024, universal ratification of UNCAT will be a reality and the risk of torture will be reduced, as all States' parties will be working actively to implement the Convention. More info at:

Sidley’s Pro Bono Work:
Sidley lawyers are conducting comparative analyses between the provisions of the UNCAT and legal and regulatory frameworks in specific countries the CTI is working with.

Client feedback:
“Sidley’s pro bono team is providing expert advice on country legal and regulatory frameworks that prevent as well as respond to torture and ill-treatment. This will allow the developing countries with which we work to assess whether amendments or broader reforms are needed to secure safe and fair justice. Our exciting partnership with Sidley will really have an impact locally.”

- Dr. Alice Edwards, Head of Secretariat, Convention Against Torture Initiative