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 Athena Infonomics

Country India, United States, Nepal
Beneficiaries                  Micro Enterprises, Domestic Violence Victims, Working Children, Slum Dwellers, Power Consumers, Water Consumers, Job Seekers, Potential Toilet Users, Start-Up Businesses, Corporate Businesses, Local Traders, Public Waste Disposal Service Users
Project Description

Athena Infonomics is a policy research and development analytics firm with a focus on strengthening the use of data and social science research to solve development and inclusive growth issues around the world. Athena Infonomics distinguishes itself through its cutting-edge research methods and tools for modeling socio-economic phenomenon. Founded in 2010, Athena’s support network comprises distinguished policy makers, academics and intellectuals from diverse backgrounds who play both advisory and consulting roles.

Athena lies at the intersection of the public and private sectors, helping policy makers and development sector actors design data-backed policies and programs. Large-scale administrative datasets and proprietary private sector data can greatly improve the way it measures, track and describe economic activity. This allow researchers to trace the consequences of different events or policies. Athena Infonomics collaborates with teams of researchers from various universities to build and take forward models of measuring poverty, health, governance, urban liveability etc., through unique and modern technologies including use of mobile phone records, remote sensing data to build alternative approaches to collecting large-scale information. This enables impact investors, developmental organizations and others to start using publicly available data sets to track the impacts of their policies, programs, businesses and interventions on the ‘intended beneficiary’, going beyond standard reporting structures of impact reporting.

Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley is assisting with advising on IP protection, advising on term sheets with investors, and reviewing/advising on partnership agreements, venture agreements and employment contracts for international team members.