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 Biashara na Fedha

Country  Kenya
Beneficiaries              Rural families 
Project Description  Farmers do not typically have enough funds to purchase a solar home system (SHS) (US$ 100 - 400). Biashara Na Fedha provides loans so they can afford to purchase a SHS. The families no longer need to purchase kerosene (a substance that presents a fire risk and also creates indoor pollution - many families have respiratory problems as a result), which is a savings to the family. The family then has reliable light in the evenings. Children can study. The SHS are sold to families. Their loans have financed the sale of 2,000 units since July 2016 and they are increasing this every month. At the moment Biashara provides their services in Kenya. They are exploring a fund approach which would purchase receivables in Uganda and Tanzania as well.
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley is assisting with reviewing agreements with solar partners concerning the purchase of their receivables, reviewing/drafting an agreement where Biashara na Fedhu serves as fund advisor, and improve/develop new legal documentation.