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Digital Green Foundation

Country South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
Beneficiaries                  Smallholder farmers
Project Description

Digital Green empowers smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the collective power of technology and grassroots level partnerships. They train frontline agricultural extension agents of governments and NGOs across South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa to produce and share videos and exchange practices that boost farm productivity and nutrition. Digital Green amplifies existing informal networks of farmers, extension providers, and markets with digital tools that raise local voices and improve their ability to transform agricultural development from the bottom up.

Digital Green has scaled their work to more than 2 million smallholder farmers, 80% of whom are women. By partnering with existing agricultural extension providers, they tap into existing networks of grassroots-level extension agents with locally relevant knowledge, years of experience in the communities, and trusted relationships with the farmer and women-led self-help groups they have mobilized.

Scope of Legal Assistance Provision of legal advice to (i) transfer intellectual property and employees to Loop Tech Inc.; (ii) review, analyse, and as appropriate, revise investment agreement related to Digital Green interest in Loop; (iii) assist and provide legal advice on venture capital funding.