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Country Kenya
Beneficiaries                  Local communities: Anyone with an emergencies both in cities and rural populations.
Project Description

Five billion people around the world live in cities and countries without 911. In places without 911, you are 10 times more likely to die in an emergency situation. Designed specifically for places without 911, Flare utilizes today’s latest technology and advanced dispatching systems to connect the nearest available ambulance to the patient. Flare operates the largest network of ambulances throughout Kenya and has reduced response times from three hours to under 15 minutes and has saved thousands of lives. They are now looking to expand throughout West and East Africa and expand into fire and security/police services.

Scope of Legal Assistance i) Develop an Employee Stock Option Pool or Equity program for employees; ii) advice on corporate structure related to financial and tax issues; iii) and assist with development of a Series A documentation