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Hello Tractor, Inc.

Countries 18 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas
Beneficiaries                  Smallholder Farmers
Project Description

Hello Tractor, Inc. is an agricultural technology social enterprise focused on improving food and income security for the rural poor. Hello Tractor has earned the title of being the ‘Uber for Tractors’ and were ranked 36 on Fortune magazine’s Change the World list of innovative companies that use “creative tools of capitalism – including the profit motive, to address society’s unmet needs.

Hello Tractor provides a farm fleet management solution and smart-phone app for small-holder farmers to book farm equipment owners to service their land. Equipment access gives farmers the opportunity to develop an efficient, sustainable farm cycle from sow to harvest which will expand their business and alleviate themselves from poverty. For resource-poor farmers, labor shortages often leads to under-cultivation, poor harvests and lost income, targeted farm mechanization has proven to be an effective solution to these shortages. Despite this, small farmers throughout Africa lack access to tractors to improve farm productivity. Hello Tractor impacts the community, farmers, and smart tractor owners. Communities with Hello Tractor’s equipment sharing solution see higher land utilization with an increase in community income and food security.

Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley has advised Hello Tractor in a variety of matters since 2016, including reviewing pay-as-you-go agreements and data privacy protection.