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Live Clean Initiatives

Country  Zambia
Beneficiaries              local communities, peri-urban and rural Zambian population, women
Project Description 

There is an urgent need to improve sanitation in Zambia. Over 70% of the population live with poor sanitation, which breeds infectious diseases. Live Clean is an award-winning social enterprise that strives to significantly improve the existing conditions of public sanitation in urban and peri-urban high density areas of Zambia and to improve the environmental impact of sanitation with a closed loop strategy. Their mission is to provide access to clean, affordable sanitation and safe water to as many people as possible in the most highly dense areas of the country.

Live Clean uses simple container architecture designed to house sanitation facilities for its users. They use biodigester technology to convert solid waste or grey water from the toilets into bio-fuel and fertiliser. Water used in showers and basins will be recycled for the toilets and any rain water harvested will be recycled and made available to residents as a source of fresh drinking and cooking water. The use of properly maintained and designed toilets will also reduce the risk of contamination and the spread of water-borne diseases such as cholera. Live Clean wants to expand their market reach to more remote but highly populated poverty-stricken areas beyond Lusaka.

Another important objective of the Live Clean project is to further the empowerment of women in Zambia. By providing modern sanitation facilities, women are offered an easier and cleaner alternative to pit latrines and makeshift holes. The toilets are secure and the sites are fenced and guarded to provide a safe environment. They also offer sanitary pads at minimal cost.

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