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Melanin Kapital

Country  Germany / Kenya / France
Beneficiaries                      Start-ups in Africa
Project Description 

We, at Melanin Kapital, have created a digital impact investment banking platform that aims at bridging this SDG finance gap by making Africans' sustainable ambitions bankable and connecting them to financing opportunities. To do so, they offer capital raising and blended finance solutions. Their technology automates traditional due diligence processes and provides entrepreneurs adapted financial management tools, data rooms solutions, auditing and rating services, while our investors can access an array of blended finance solutions including savings plans, portfolio management and direct credit and equity investments into investment-ready impact companies.

Beneficiaries/Impact So far, Melanin Kapital has supported 350 ventures across five countries in Africa with 75 disbursements of US$5 million for various start-ups and women-led businesses.
Legal Needs Melanin Kapital has requested advice on structuring and registering of a holding company and structuring of their impact investment fund.