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MicroEnergy Credits

Countries  India, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Uganda and Kenya 
Beneficiaries                 Low income families, rural populations especially women 
Project Description  MicroEnergy Credits is a company dedicated to empowering people in developing countries (India, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Uganda and Kenya) to make healthy, clean and affordable energy choices. The company helps microfinance the purchase by low income households of clean energy products, thereby reducing the cost of energy to such households, improving health and ultimately enabling education.

The Clean Household Package includes a solar light, an efficient stove and a water filter. The exact product specifications of this package vary locally, depending on market research and customer feedback in a given location. This package is designed to be locally affordable and enables customers to pay back a microloan within 8 months. The package will create a 3-tonne carbon emission reduction each year per household.
Scope of Legal Assistance  Sidley negotiated a loan agreement for MicroEnergy Credits over a period of 5-6 months in 2014, which provided substantial funds for the company to continue operations. 

“We Closed!!!!!!!!!!!! We made payroll, operations are uninterrupted, and all our hard work paid off. Thank you to the team. I am SO grateful for your hard work and thoughtful advice throughout the process.”
April Allderdice (CEO)