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Global Shea Alliance

The Global Shea Alliance (GSA) is a multi-stakeholder, non-profit industry association with hundreds of members from dozens of countries promoting sustainability in the shea industry, quality practices and standards, and demand for shea in food and cosmetics. The association includes women’s groups, brands and retailers, suppliers, and NGOs and promotes the shea industry through several public-private partnerships. All members of the GSA commit to working together to promote the growth of the shea industry in Africa and around the world. The GSA also supports governments with information and technical support in designing strategies to maximize the value added and jobs created by the shea industry.

The GSA benefits West African communities who rely on shea nuts for their income, including millions of women shea nut farmers. The GSA’s partners are committed to the formalization and organization of women collectors, increasing their knowledge of shea markets, and promoting decent working conditions for all people in the shea supply chain. Expanding market access helps increase demand, prices, production and incomes for these farmers.

The organization also promotes the conservation of the savanna ecosystem, which is instrumental to ensuring a future for the shea industry. More info at:

Scope of Legal Assistance:
Sidley lawyers and economists are advising GSA on a variety of projects, including on regulations to expand market access in the US, providing analysis (under WTO law and certain trade agreements) on taxes imposed for certain countries on the exportation of shea butter, and an analysis on how the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will impact trade of shea and shea butter on the African continent.

Client Testimonial:
“We’re excited to continue our partnership with Sidley Austin with a strong focus on market expansion into Asia, specifically China and India, through policy engagement. Additionally, we would continue to engage Sidley Austin on regulation changes in producing countries ensuring that such structural reforms are pro-growth environment and supports GSA overall objective – to support the sustainable expansion of the shea industry”

- Wunmi Osholake, Deputy Managing Director GSA