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As we head into fall when schools will resume, at least in part remotely from home, the current work from home environment presents unique and added challenges for our working parents with a disproportionate impact on our women. Unaddressed, these challenges may lead to health and well-being issues and impede or delay professional development, retention, and promotion opportunities for our lawyers and potentially disrupt the progress we have made in the advancement of our women lawyers at the firm. The Committee on Retention and Promotion of Women created the Remote Working Parents (RWP) initiative to focus on this urgent issue. Our RWP initiative will gather existing resources and develop a proposal for Management’s consideration, supported by data, to help ensure that our working parents (particularly those who carry a disproportionate burden of childcare) have readily available tools and resources to successfully navigate these extraordinary circumstances, maintain their health and well-being, and continue to have equal opportunities for advancement.