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BioLite Inc.

Locations Africa & Asia
Beneficiaries              Local communities, women
Project Description 

BioLite is an Energy Company that develops and manufactures breakthrough technologies to cook, charge, and light life beyond the grid. Their market-based approach to energy access empowers people to power themselves. Across global operations, BioLite engages two distinct customer segments: off-grid households in emerging markets and outdoor recreation users seeking fuel-independent cooking and charging. BioLite develops core energy technologies that are applicable to both markets and then turns them into products unique to outdoor and emerging markets customers.

Open-fire cooking causes over 4 million deaths per year and releases significant amounts of CO2. Additionally, access to electricity is nonexistent for more than 1.2 billion people worldwide. BioLite is committed to tackle these global challenges and serve low-income households in developing countries facing energy poverty. Their technologies address the health and environmental challenges of smoky open-fire cooking and kerosene lighting. BioLite innovative products are providing cleaner air to more than half a million people in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.

Legal Assistance i) Assistance to review a series of contracts related to a carbon credit deal with a prospective partner and ii) closing a supply agreement