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Countries Ethiopia/Eritrea

Smallholder farmers/local communities

Project Description  Birkuta is a small family business incorporated in the UK who wishes to share high quality and authentic Teff grain and its unique properties with the world. Teff is an ancient grain that has been cultivated for generations by smallholder farmers in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Teff is consumed in a variety of ways, the most common of which is Injera, a traditional fermented sourdough savory pancake, but it is also suitable to make bread, cakes, or pasta. Due to its gluten-free nature and high nutritional content, it is gaining attention in Europe and North America. Birkuta's objective is to import directly form Ethiopian smallholder farmers and create access to international markets, while improving farmers' income, self-reliance, overall wellbeing, and reducing poverty. More info at:
Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley lawyers will review commercial contracts and give advice related to e-commerce site