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Country  Kenya
Beneficiaries              Rural households 
Project Description  BURN is a Kenyan company, producing and distributing cookstoves in East Africa. The company’s trademark cookstove, jikokoa™ is distributed at very affordable rates, without subsidy, in East Africa. These stoves have helped 764,500 beneficiaries save 541,000 tons of wood and $16 million in reduced fuel costs. Independent studies conducted by Acumen Fund, MicroEnergy Credits, M-KOPA, and Berkeley Air Monitoring Group show enormous economic and health benefits of the jikokoa™. These studies have shown that compared to the Kenya Ceramic Jiko (KCJ), the commonly available ‘improved’ cookstove in Sub-Saharan Africa, the jikokoa™ reduces:

  • Fuel consumption by 45-60%. 
  • Number of sick days by 54%.
  • CO and PM2.5 emissions by 60-65% (field tests conducted by Berkeley Air Monitoring Group). 
  • Fuel costs by $100-$200/year. 

BURN’s mission is to provide a variety of cooking solutions that save money, lives and the environment. Please see more:
Scope of Legal Assistance Sidley is advising BURN on a patent related matter, and providing assistance with business relocation.