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Ele Agbe Company Limited


Country Ghana
Beneficiaries              Women, youth, rural populations
Project Description  Ele Agbe Company Limited (Ele Agbe) is a company that specializes in the production and export of handicrafts, recycled glass beads jewellery, and manufacturing of shea products. Initially, Ele Agbe’s core business was beads jewellery production and handicrafts. In 2004 the company added shea butter cosmetics to their production: these include body butters, essential oils, lip balms, body balms, body oils and soaps.

Ele Agbe has trained and employed over hundreds of young people, both school leavers and jobseekers. Their employees include the suppliers of raw materials. They also work with beads producers, artisans, basket weaver, shea nut pickers and butter processors. Additionally, Ele Agbe periodically undergoes programmes that give back to society in the form of general health screening and provision of basic needs for individuals in deprived communities at least twice a year. The company also started a development of a Nursery class in a community in the Volta region. Realising that most kids in this community were lacking academic early childhood development as a result of the absence of a nursery class in the basic school in the community, a nursery class was started.
Legal Scope The provision of legal advice, in cooperation with local counsel where appropriate, to (i) draft a template of employment contract; (ii) draft and/or review distribution agreements for potential distributors; (iii) draft and/or review partnership agreements; (iv) draft and/or review a private labelling agreement.