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Country  Ghana
Beneficiaries              Rural women and youth 
Project Description  GBBI is a social enterprise that designs, develop, and market bamboo bikes and frames and related services as a means of addressing the quadruple problems of climate change, poverty, unemployment, among others. The initiative addresses the need for greater access to affordable transportation in rural areas through the building of safe, reliable and multi-purpose bicycles suitable for the high terrain in the rural areas and purposeful for the local needs using native bamboo. GBBI trains rural women and youth as bamboo bike builders to enable them earn a sustainable income, a degree of financial autonomy, and a greater role in resource governance and decision-making. The end users of the bicycles, rural dwellers, employed mostly within the agricultural sector have increase their productivity and efficiency. They are able to transport more goods over longer distances and in a shorter time, allowing for more time to be spent working on the fields and selling produce. With the company’s bamboo bicycle, hauling capacity is greatly increased, a significant benefit for beneficiaries in the rural areas whose livelihoods greatly depend upon being able to haul goods. Increased ease of mobility is also important for all beneficiaries, particularly farmers, school children and rural dwellers whose average daily commute is over 15 km/day.
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