Country  Ethiopia
Beneficiaries              Smallholder farmers
Project Description  GreenPath is a for-profit company that supports smallholder farmers in Ethiopia through the provision of training, infrastructure and access to markets. Smallholders receive training in permaculture techniques (organic, biodiverse, sustainable farming). Higher yields and organic certification help deliver higher profits to farmers and incentivize them to move away from growing less nutritious crops that rely heavily on chemical fertilizers and pesticides. GreenPath buys produce from these organic smallholders at above fair-trade prices, and markets the premium produce to local, regional and international markets, including to Dubai and the wider MENA area. Please see more:
Legal Scope Sidley is providing assistance with various matters including reviewing and advising on terms sheets and ESOP.  
Legal Team  Beth Quintana, Shannon Thompson, Alexandria Glispie and Afroditi Mathioudaki